The 500th Posting

Reaching another milestone always feels like an accomplishment. This one, however, even made me pause. Every Monday, for 500 Mondays since June 2013, I’ve published a blog post. Rain or shine, sick or healthy, on vacation or pressed with deadlines, I wrote the post. Phew!

The milestone posting provides me an opportunity to review my thought process and interests for the past year. Some gloomy, some profound, some redundant, some refreshing… well, you get the point. But every 50, I go through and pluck out my favorites.

Around Halloween, I offered a few more slices of my Technombie world. Jasmine, scurrying out the back door of the Baby Designer Studio, crossed paths with the seedy underbelly of the operation. Meanwhile, one origin story of the how the feed developed started to unfold.

Other themes explored include the effects of the pandemic on testing failures, dealing with the incessant information fire hose, and challenges with the ever changing hybrid work environment. Covid is here to stay. As are many of the changes brought about suddenly by the pandemic. In some ways, the pandemic amplified existing problems, while resolving some and creating new ones in their place. It’s a different world now.

Many of my posts this year focused on where we’re moving with technology including new ways to shop and what that means for us. Searching the internet is heading in new directions. The ever present threat of misinformation and how to control it is still an unresolved challenge.

Technology forces us to change so fast we sometimes can’t appreciate the things we lost with our old, clunky methods. I discuss this in “Death of the Home Phone,” and highlight a new digital dilemma we now face because “There’s an App for Everything!

This year I started playing a new favorite game, Wordle, that can only exist digitally. Another favorite post featured a poster from the Drug Enforcement Agency decoding emoji. And naturally at least one fave on facing our Information Gluttony.

I’ll end my milestone highlights with a few from my Human Archive series including one on processing grief through “Unexpected Triggers” and “How I Learned to Move my Energy” through paint blobs. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a couple of posts focused on snow, given the current stormy conditions including “Snow Days” (definitely not the same in the hybrid environment) and “The Silence of Snow.”

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