Who is The Deletist?

After years toiling in dungeons (aka sublevel storage units) analyzing decades of backlogged records, The Deletist hatched her escape plan.  One particularly long, grim day in a dusty dungeon with thousands of old boxes, The Deletist stopped and asked herself a simple question: What’s wrong with this picture? 

I’m in it! was the immediate response.  The real problem was not in the production of information, but rather in its management.  People were simply saving too much.  The worst part was being the one to go through all the backlog.*

Though the name might suggest that The Deletist is on a quest to DESTROY EVERYTHING, there is in fact a different message behind it.  The Deletist is about bringing back white space by preserving quality over quantity.

Be elite and delete.  Save strategically!


*In case you were wondering, The Deletist was able to plow through the boxes armed with her trusty tools: experience, education (MLIS/MAS) and a robust records retention policy.

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