Recover and Recharge

As a busy person, I’ve mastered the art of the “active recovery.” I discovered this term from doing spin classes. During spin class, “active recovery” meant pedaling easy with little resistance, as though we were on a straight, road somewhere. Active recovery happened after some debilitating (at least for me), intense, long journey up a steep incline with lots of tension on the bike. Though I didn’t realize it right away, I often do active recovery in my daily life. It’s a way for me to keep on top of things, while also getting some much needed R&R. That’s the idea, anyway.

However, the active recovery doesn’t always allow adequate time for the recharge. I try to find activities that accomplish both recovery and recharge. For example, playing music is an active-recovery recharge. It’s one of my lifelines. While rehearsing or performing, it allows me the opportunity to recover from stress build up and take a much needed break from the daily grind. At the same time, I feel pumped up and energized from the experience of playing music with other people. Though sometimes the recovery from a particularly emotional, or late night performance, can be a little challenging.

Coming out of the pandemic, I’ve been feeling a little more depleted than usual. I realized I need to carve out some dedicated time for recovery that’s not always so active. The pandemic disrupted many of my usual recharging activities Some of the activities have been slow to come back. It’s also taking time to re-integrate them into my schedule and routine.

Due to all these factors, I will be taking a break from my weekly posts to focus on recovery and recharge for a few months. Throughout the pandemic, the weekly post was another lifeline for me, even when it was challenging to make the deadline. Though tenuous at times, holding on to this small routine each week that I’d been doing for so long already, kept me grounded during some of the worst lockdowns. It felt like something small and normal I could cling to when everything else was changing so fast.

Stay tuned. I’ll be busy behind the scenes while I take a break from the front end. I’m aiming to resume writing in the spring when I’m recovered and recharged enough for the next 500 posts.

Happy New Year!

Ocean sunrise in the Dominican Republic, April 2015.

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