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Digital Dilemma

The Digital Dilemma Series requires us to think about new scenarios, predicaments, and challenges we may encounter because of how we use technology. On the one hand technology brings amazing changes that can make things easier. On the other hand, those changes sometimes result in new challenges that we may, or may not, fully realize or understand.

Digital Photos

The Digital Photo series explores the ways in which this new format, and the ease with which we can take digital photos, has impacted our lives & memories.  Additionally the series aims to address some of the challenges we experience with digital photos including how to organize, share, sync, transfer or access them.


A series of photos blogs highlighting the latest tour with Overseas Adventure Travel.  We visited Quito, the Amazon, and the Galapagos Islands from 3 – 18 January 2015.  I was with my family and 10 other people.

Human Archives

This series is about memories that have only been recorded by my own personal, internal recording devices: my brain and my body. Memories are recalled by my senses, external events or some other trigger.  They’ve been archived internally with my own personal and unique system for retrieval.

As part of the archiving process I write about what happened as I remember and interpret it in that moment.  Since no other documentation, image, sound etc.of the memory exists, I am free to reinvent it or reimagine it from a different perspective or with a new interpretation.


A series of photo blogs chronicling highlights from a trip I took to Patagonia and Iguassu Falls with my family and a tour group (Overseas Adventure Travel) from 26 December 2013 – 13 January 2014.

True Confessions

People often have this impression that I am fastidiously neat with every aspect of my life organized and labeled.  This is not the case, as illustrated in this series where I fess up about what goes on behind the scenes of The Deletist.  In real life I am also a mere mortal with many of the same challenges and struggles faced by my readers.  In fact, I often use myself as the “guinea pig” before trying things out on my clients or writing about them. That’s how I know things work.



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