The 450th Posting

It always feels good to hit another milestone with The Deletist. Throughout the pandemic adhering to my three, simple blog rules has felt like a real feat. In other ways it’s been a touchpoint and an anchor for me. We’ve all faced so many life-changing disruptions the past two years. Even so, The Deletist still gets posted every Monday, 400 words or less.

Reflecting on my posts over the past year, a few distinct themes emerged. Not surprisingly, many blogs focused on technology and the new ways it’s consuming our lives due to lockdowns, distancing, and isolation protocols. Interestingly, it seemed for every way technology is helping us through this tough time, it’s also hindering us. Read more about this in Bad Tech vs. Bad with Tech or The Infodemic vs. the Pandemic. Almost two years into Covid, the disinformation and misinformation is at least as dangerous as the disease itself. Social media exacerbates the situation, combined with the mob mentality.

Naturally, there have been a lot of disappointments with how poor some tech still remains, such as my experience getting my driver’s license renewed or filling out online forms.

And of course, who could overlook the advances made with all the realities: augmented, virtual, and meta. Last year I attended my first VR Conference, complete with an avatar and my first augmented reality art show. This inspired a new segment of the Technombie series about a first grader attending virtual school. Mommy Marsupial features its own brand of altered reality by exploring the wonderful world of gene editing, a continuation of last year’s post, Mommy Three Arm.

The pandemic has separated us and brought us together in ways we never expected. All of a sudden, Lunching with friends feels both ordinary and exotic. Or the Exhilaration of re-experiencing something again after so many months of lockdown. Or read my thoughts on how we thrive in Adaptation: Clever Like the Fox.

If you’ve had enough tech to last you a lifetime, change the pace and call someone. Relive the joy of Phone Calls: The Old-Fashioned Way of communicating with someone. Or marvel in The Universality of the Junk Drawer. That’s probably the most low tech thing I can think of.

Junk Drawer


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