Mommy Marsupial

The continuation of Jasmine at the Baby Designer Studio, mulling over post-pregnancy options.

Jasmine heard her name called. She rose from her seat and glanced around. In the middle of the room, a large fish tank bubbled gently. Multi-colored fish lazed around brightly-hued anemones wiggling gently. One mom bent over revealing she had chosen the “eyes in the back of the head” option. Another used her third arm to riffle through her purse, while holding her baby with the other two. Jasmine shuddered slightly. Maybe she should stick with what she had naturally.

She entered the Doctor’s office. They reviewed Jasmine’s preliminary selections. Leaning slightly over the desk, hands clasped, the Doctor said, “You know, we have one new option. We’re looking for new moms to test it. There could be a discount…”

The Doctor paused letting the phrase linger in the air. Jasmine squirmed slightly in her chair. Was that gas, she wondered, or the baby pressing on something vital inside, she could never really tell the difference. She could vaguely hear the Doctor continue rambling. Jasmine caught the tail end of the offering… a marsupial pouch.

“A what?” asked Jasmine. “A marsupial pouch? You mean like a kangaroo? You want to graft a dead animal’s pouch to my body?” Her arms crossed tightly over her body.

“No,” the Doctor replied. “Not an animal pouch, a pouch made out of your skin. If you go with the front pouch option, you can probably carry the baby in it up to 4ish months. However, if you go with the back option, you could probably manage until the baby was about a year, or more. Naturally all this still needs to be confirmed,” the Doctor slipped in.

“A marsupial pouch,” Jasmine repeated. “Huh, interesting.” But was that interesting? Jasmine didn’t know. What she did know was that she desperately needed fresh air.

“Definitely,” said the Doctor, a gleam in her eye. “Trust me, when that baby is born, you’re going to want him, or her, strapped to your body at all times. The pouch offers you that ability without anything other than your own body. Totally natural. Just a thought. Looking at your selections, it seems like you prefer the natural route.”

“Um, ok,” said Jasmine. “I’ll think about it. Thanks.” Her head spinning, maybe from the appointment, or low-blood sugar, she could never really tell, Jasmine left the Doctor’s office.

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