Mommy Three Arm

Designer babies were all the rage. Everybody wanted them. Who wanted to risk a baby to chance? Besides, people who had “natural” babies had higher insurance premiums, if they could even get insurance. Most insurance companies were unwilling to cover conditions that could have been programmed out.

Depending on your willingness to pay, you could even engineer the baby’s eye color and fingernail shape. Most people, however, prioritized health. Some added one stellar trait.

Over time, someone finally had the brilliant idea to throw in a few bonuses for the moms. Why not design a few perks for the mother-to-be? This is how Jasmine found herself in the Baby Designer Studio reviewing a brochure before her consultation.

She scrolled through the expansive list of options. She had opted to go “natural”. It’s not that she was particularly old-fashioned. Or anti-gene manipulation and splicing. It’s just that her pragmatic nature won her over. Creating a designer baby felt overwhelming. It required a lot of steps, a lot of money, and a lot of effort.

Jasmine wasn’t into that. However, something extra for herself sounded enticing. She quickly ticked off the “no-brainer” options, including:

  • Abdominal Muscle Quick Repair
  • Stretch-mark Tightening
  • Increased Metabolism (for a limited time period)
  • Luscious Hair and Nails

Some of the less invasive options gave her pause, like, “Keep Baby Smell.” Well, Jasmine didn’t know about that one. She had heard rumors about post-partum “mommy stink” from some friends. But wasn’t her smell hers? Shouldn’t she want to keep that?

However, the body altering choices generated the most questions for Jasmine. Among them, if she chose, Jasmine could:

  • Grow a Third Arm (right or left)
  • Grow Elongated Prehensile Toes

It’s true, a third arm would be very useful with a new baby. One friend had opted for this. It took some time to adapt, but the friend loved all the things she could do so easily with an extra arm. Even though she had had to buy a new wardrobe, she claimed it was worth it.

Jasmine had to make a decision fast. Everything had to be in place before the end of the first trimester. Otherwise, her alterations wouldn’t sync up with the baby. It would be very awkward to give birth and only have half of her new arm grown in. If she went with that option.

What was a new mom to do?

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