The 400th Posting

Despite the craziness of the past year, I have regularly posted every Monday. Although it’s been challenging at times to make my deadline, I remain committed. It’s been a small focal point of normalcy and routine in an otherwise strange, topsy-turvy time.

These milestone posts are fun for me. They’re a chance to review what I discovered in the last year. This past year included a lot of pandemic-specific posts, social media, data privacy, mail-in voting, and what to do when your phone gets wet. Yup, I dropped my phone in water this summer. Second time this happened. It mostly recovered.

The pandemic created a lot of disruption. This ultimately led to change. Things are now different. Not necessarily good or bad, just different. Read more in “The Disruption and Promise of the Pandemic.” A highlight is “The Problem with Doing Business by Email,” a constant pain point for me. Read other pandemic posts here.

This past year was also busy for social media. Companies, such as Facebook and Twitter, were busy managing disinformation/misinformation campaigns on the pandemic and US elections. It turned into a game of “Whac-A-Mole.” However, social media likes to have it both ways. They like to market themselves as places for free speech, a “Digital Town Square.” But in reality, they often end up only “Fanning the Flames.”

I also moved, again, leading to several new posts. A personal favorite is “Moving: Panic vs. Proper Packing.” Yup, plenty of panic packing. Other insights available starting with “Moving. Ugh.” Also check out “How to Label Things Properly.”

Six new posts were added to the Human Archives series. The first one, “Tangible,” continues my internal debate on paper vs. electronic books. I love “Ferocity,” a true story of ladybugs happily clearing up an aphid infestation in my garden. Another highlight is “Taking Flight,” a chance to appreciate how we learn new skills and our instinctual drive. Read more here.

Around Halloween I added installments to my Technombie series. Mommy Three Arm, the story of a pregnant woman deciding if she wants to grow a helpful third arm. Following that is “Technombie 6,” about how Mayor Peebles did something to the election results. Or did he?

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