Technombie 4

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She persevered reviewing each spike and drop in the data points with a meticulous eye. The midpoint of the date had one gigantic spike that she knew had been in response to something funny her date had said, resulting in hearty laughter. A dramatic drop followed when her date went to the bathroom leaving Senjina alone resulting in a few moments of anxiety. She hadn’t brought her ScreenSpacewith her and couldn’t tell what was going on with her body. Consequently she had been forced to sit quietly alone with nothing but her thoughts observing all the other happy, animated people around her.

Towards the end of the date Senjina was pleased to note two additional spikes, including a slight dilation of her pupils during the last one. Both had been the result of physical contact, another accidental hand brushing while putting on coats and a hug with a cheek kiss.

She squealed with excitement. Yes, this one was going to get a second date, at least as far as she could tell. Of course nothing was certain until her counterpart went through his biometric results and it was a match. She could hardly wait to post the update on her private channel and send it over to his channel for comparison. Hopefully there would be a match. But right now, she had to get ready for the infoozian.

The infoozian chair was set up in one corner of her living room. It had come complimentary following the installation of her feed. One could get the infoozian just from being in the apartment, but this often resulted in repeat sessions, whereas sitting in the chair meant it was over in just one sitting.

She settled into the chair hearing the familiar hiss of air leaving the cushion. Her back relaxed as she placed her hands across her tummy and reclined. Almost instantly she was overcome by a light, heady feeling as a voice started talking. It felt like the voice was directly inside of her head, but Senjina dismissed the thought as an impossibility, instead thinking there must be mini-speakers embedded in the chair somehow.

Mayor Snyder Peebles is a good man. He is concerned about your interests. Who cares if he smoked a little crack? The voice droned in a soothing tone, lulling Senjina into a woozy trance.

He’s doing a good job. Mayor Peebles is a good mayor… a good mayor… a good mayor… 

Senjina’s eyes closed and her head lolled to one side.


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