Selecting the Right Digital Photos

I’ve been working on another digital scrapbook. As usual, I find the most difficult and time consuming part the digital photos. The first hurdle to overcome is selecting the right photos to use. I usually pick too many and end up weeding some out as a I go. I think the scrapbook I’m working on is going to have 200+ photos.

The second obstacle is aggregating all the photos and adding them to the application I use to make scrapbooks. I feel like this should be easy, but it’s been a tricky process. Most of the photos I need are on my phone. However, if I log into the application on my phone, it’s a different version from the one I use on my laptop to create the album. The end result, I can’t login on my phone and upload the photos directly. Then log back in with my laptop to start using them.

I developed a workaround. First I select the photos on my phone. Then connect to my laptop to transfer them over. Once transferred, I upload them directly to the app. This takes some time because sometimes it can be tricky to find the photos I marked in my phone. After I upload them to the app, I usually end up deleting them off my phone so I don’t have multiple copies floating around everywhere.

Once in the app, the next challenge with the photos is how they are organized. The app organizes the photos by date. I find the chronological order nice for creating scrapbooks. However, sometimes the date reflects the date of when a photo moved from one place to another. For example, I used a couple of photos a friend sent me last year for the scrapbook. The app organized these photos according to the date I downloaded them to my laptop for uploading, rather than the actual date of the photo. They appeared as the most current photos, even though they were from 15 months ago!

After all that, I’m finally ready to begin the fun, creative part of the process. Even though selecting and moving all the photos takes hours of time, I find it’s worth the effort with the finished product.

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