Making Space: New Things for the New Year

It’s customary for most of us to start off the New Year filled with resolutions and the promise of change. We’re pumped and motivated to stick to our goals, go to the gym daily, eat leafy greens, make our beds each morning, or whatever else sounds appealing as a fresh start for the new year ahead. Inevitably, most of us will begin to slack on our resolutions within a short period of time.

This year, instead of making a whole bunch of resolutions, why not focus all that energy and motivation into making space for new things to happen in the new year? Most of us make resolutions because we want to change something about ourselves or our lifestyles. Well, that change can’t, and won’t, happen unless we create an opening for it to take shape. Whether you realize it or not, clutter represents stagnant energy and it will stand in your way of accomplishing your goals.

Statistically most resolutions are bound for failure. Why set yourself up for that kind of guilt and pressure at the start of a new year? Relax! Concentrate instead on getting rid of the dead weight where it bothers you most. Space can be made anywhere and everywhere. And you don’t have to stress yourself out by tackling big, annoying to-do projects that have been lingering around for a while. Start small, start easy. Work your way up to the bigger things. Small wins will boost your confidence and motivation.

If you’re bothered by physical stuff, make space by cleaning out a single drawer or shelf. Go through that medicine cabinet or the deep underbelly of the bathroom sink. It will likely take less time than you think. Or focus your energy on one type of clothing/item (e.g., shoes, socks, t-shirts, etc.). Perhaps you feel irritated by a crowded desktop on your computer. Or too many digital photos on your device. Set a timer for 20 minutes and clean out some of the electronic clutter.

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The famous Gullfoss in Iceland. The sky cleared for a few minutes and we were lucky to see a hint of a rainbow.


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