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I first blogged about “Yo” in July. Just to recap it’s a new app that allows for 2-way communications between people, but only by using the word Yo.  Or if you’re feeling chatty you can send Yo-Yo to somebody.  From that point on, it’s entirely up to the recipient to infer the intended meaning of the two-character message.

Recently Yo has released some new updates that increase its functionality. The new features, which are described on the Yo blog include:

  • Enhanced user profiles – now users can add details to their username such as a name and photo.  The username details are revealed by simply swiping the username to the right.
  • Link attachments – it is now possible to send a link to somebody attached to a Yo.  Once received, the recipient can seamlessly connect to the link by tapping the Yo notification.
  • The Official Yo Index – many companies are tapping into the capabilities of Yo to provide customers with notifications related to specific products or services.  The Yo Index provides a place for companies to list their names and which services will provide notifications.  For example, if you sign up for the FedEx Yo, you will receive a Yo notification when your package has arrived.
  • Trending Hashtags – ok, here I have to admit I’m a bit confused by this one, but that could be because I don’t use Yo so I haven’t actually tried out this function.  Apparently Yo users can create hashtags and then get support for them by receiving Yo’s.  I suppose it’s similar to the “like” or “favorite” feature on Facebook and Twitter, respectively.  The Yo website even has a page for trending hashtags, featuring those that have received the most Yo’s.

Initially I didn’t think much of Yo. I still don’t have a terribly high opinion of it, mostly because I feel like it doesn’t do anything that hasn’t already been done before.  However, I can appreciate what Yo is trying to accomplish, which is a seamless experience of connecting you with the things you care about, such as people, links, notifications, updates, images, comments, etc. all in one centralized location.  It’s making the process of linking people with information more efficient and seamless.  What’s not to like about that?

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