The Customer Experience Saga Continues

Almost a week after I submitted the photos for my accident claim, the auto body shop finally received them. By good old fashioned email! I was stunned. After that streamlined, efficient app experience, I really had high expectations.

Though we don’t know for sure, the auto body shop suspects my claim was sent prematurely. Basically, the insurance company sent the claim for a quote before I uploaded my photos. For perspective on the timeline, I started the claim Wednesday evening and added the photos Thursday morning. By the time I uploaded all the photos through my slick app experience, the auto body shop already called me. They were wondering why they got the claim but couldn’t see my photos.

Anyway, after a whole bunch of phone calls from me and the auto body shop to the insurance, the contact at the auto body shop requested to have them emailed. Otherwise, I would have had to go in person to get new photos taken, even after all my diligent efforts. Apparently, this is not a normal experience.

The auto body shop reviewed the photos. What followed was also disappointing. I received an email (!) with a quote attached from the auto body shop requesting my authorization. Naturally, I couldn’t e-sign the attachment from just any device. It was a plain, uneditable pdf. Ugh. I thought at least this part would happen through the app with sleek workflows and seamless options to review and approve requests. All from the ease and convenience of my smartphone. This was not the reality.

I’m waiting for parts to arrive. However, I remain optimistic the repairs will go smoothly.

Coincidentally, a week after my own accident, I witnessed a somewhat serious one. No fatalities, but it was surreal watching it happen, as though in slow motion, right in front of me. I found a place to park my car so I could give a witness statement.

I approached the officers at the scene. The officer collecting statements held a messy stack of papers. Each sheet contained a statement, dutifully handwritten by the officer. Once again, stunned! I gave my statement, feeling relieved I didn’t have to do the handwriting. Why isn’t this part of the process more streamlined, or at least modernized enough to collect typed statements. I have a hunch some poor soul had to scan and email those handwritten statements.

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