The Covid Purge

As Covid restrictions are relaxing, I’ve been going out more. It’s forced me to consider the things I’m wearing. Admittedly, for the last two years, I’ve basically been wearing yoga pants, t-shirts, and hoodies. On the plus side, I haven’t bought any new clothes, except for socks, underwear, and yoga pants. On the flip side, I also haven’t worn about 90% of my wardrobe. All to say, it’s time for a purge.

Normally I like to purge clothes every two years, on a rotating basis. This allows favorites, or special-occasion garments, a chance to be worn. It also accounts for years when I weigh a bit more or a bit less. However, the pandemic disrupted my entire rhythm. I have clothes I haven’t worn in three years and some I’ve completely outworn.

Recently I went to a friend’s house for dinner (outside and distanced). I decided to bring along some clothes I was donating to see if a friend might like them instead. Among the discards I found a beautiful summer dress I had never worn once. I purchased it at the end of summer in 2018. In 2019, the summer was rainy and I worked a lot so never got a chance to wear it. Then two years of pandemic summers (aka isolating and distancing in yoga pants and t-shirts). Now, four years later, I thought I would just pass it along to a good home. Then again, I thought maybe this was my style now. I put on the four-year old, but new dress and had a smashing time.

This raised some questions for me about creating new purging criteria. Likely most of us have changed in some way or another during the pandemic. My style, assuming I still have one beyond yoga pants and t-shirts, is different. Office attire is different. I don’t quite know how to apply this to what I currently own, but I do know I’m making different decisions.

First off, I found a place that does textile recycling for all well-loved clothing. Secondly, I’m once again subscribing to less is more. Spending two years in the same few outfits has proven this to me. Plus it had the benefit I’m sure Steve Jobs enjoyed. Wearing the same few outfits saved brain power on decision making. I’m adapting to the new post-covid normal and part of that requires a wardrobe adaptation, too.

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