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In 2013, I left my cushy full time job to start my own business.  Along the way, I stopped everything to get a blog going.  At the time I didn’t know what The Deletist would be or how it would evolve, but it felt ridiculously important for me to have it.  Fortunately, right at the beginning, I came up with a great rule to maintain The Deletist as a creative space free from my own judgmental criticisms.  In this way I allowed myself to explore whatever piqued my interest, heightened my curiosity, or just made me crinkle up my face and think wtf?!

A few years in, I still don’t know what the blog will be or how it will evolve, but I’m comfortable to sit back and let it take a shape.  Over time I’ve started a few series to loosely group blog postings all trying to accomplish the same thing.  Categories have been a bit more challenging for me to develop, mostly because my anal-retentive nature and professional education resist at creating them ad-hoc, therefore destroying the order and consistency I crave.  However, I do use the categories to group things by subject whenever possible. Occasionally a posting squeaks through as simply Uncategorized because I have yet to find a “place” for it.

People always ask how I come up with my topic each week and wonder if it’s difficult.  I have to admit that I have more ideas than I have time to write about.  Humans are clever and fascinating creatures providing me with a never ending source of inspiration.  For example, who would have ever thought that an app focused on one word “yo” could attract so much attention and funding? Or that as a species we would be so fascinated and obsessed with taking pictures of ourselves and posting them everywhere (i.e. selfies)?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading The Deletist as much as I enjoy writing it.  It’s still one of my favorite things to work on each week.  Please feel free to drop me a line sometime, or send me some suggestions. I love hearing from my readers.

Email: info@thedeletist.com