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I thoroughly enjoyed watching the FIFA games over the last month. This time I printed out a grid to keep track of the teams. After each round my partner and I would reassess our predictions as one team after another was eliminated.

Since my partner and I were working when most of the games were on, we would watch the highlights in the evenings. Usually after the highlights one of the games would be replayed in its entirety. However, I discovered watching a game after having seen the highlights wasn’t that entertaining. Especially since I knew the exact minute that the “highlight” happened. It removed the anticipation and left no surprises.

When you just watch the highlights, you miss out on the process of how the goal(s) were scored. What you don’t get to see are all the near misses, which lend extra weight and anticipation to the excitement of the actual scoring. This momentum builds up the suspense when watching it live. When I watch a game live I don’t know what’s going to happen when. I’m cheering for my team when they get the ball and groaning loudly when they miss a chance at scoring. But all of that effort heightens the impact of seeing the team score.

For me it’s as much about seeing the progression of the win, as the actual outcome. After seeing the highlights, it didn’t feel as exciting to watch. The momentum is not the same. You miss the lead up to the big GOOOOOAAAAAL. You don’t get to see how the team strategized and changed tactics. You don’t get to see how long the ball was in motion before landing in the net. 

I can enjoy watching a game, if I know the score, but not how and when the goals were scored. This even applies for me when watching penalty shootouts. I like to watch the whole shootout, even if I already know who won, but not which shootouts were missed or blocked. It’s still dramatic and gripping to see the kicks and the miraculous saves by the goalies. 

In defense of highlights, I should say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching replays of great moments from some of the top players in the world. I was okay with this because I’ll never watch the full games anyway.

Vive France!

4 comments for “Just the Highlights

  1. Anonymous
    17 July 2018 at 12:50

    To get the true picture one needs to read/watch the whole story and not just the highlights. This pertains to the way news events are presented today – just snippets but without the context the real story is missing and one may reach an incorrect conclusion.

  2. Andrei Zorine
    28 July 2018 at 19:03

    Partly an off-topic, but when you fillied in the table and watched those highlights, did you remember about having visited some of the FIFA games -2018 cities?

    • The Deletist
      30 July 2018 at 08:30

      Yes! As a matter of fact I did remember my trip to Nizhny! It brought back a lot of memories. Were you able to watch any of the games live?

      • Andrei Zorine
        3 August 2018 at 03:30

        I sent an email to info at thedeletist. Check the mail!

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