Iguassu Falls: Morning Walk

I arranged a morning bird walk to commence at 6:00am on our last day in Iguassu Falls.  We had to leave mid-morning to head back to the airport and I wanted to maximize my time.  Besides early morning is the best time to see birds and we were still on the hunt for a hummingbird to complete the animal wish list.

We walked towards the river bank where you can see the borders of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.

Three Countries

Three Countries

A bunch of black birds were hanging out in one of the trees.  The air felt slightly cool and was only mildly sticky feeling.  It was warming up rapidly, but the heat felt nice after the weeks spent in Patagonia.  I also knew I was headed home to some frigid temperatures so I was trying to absorb as much heat as possible.

Where the rivers and countries meet.

Where the rivers and countries meet.

And finally, we saw the hummingbird.  It’s perched on a skinny branch in the middle of the picture.

Hummingbird!  Tiny, but mighty.

Hummingbird! Tiny, but mighty.

Before ending the walk, my brother and I went down this path.  It looked inviting.  After about 10 minutes of walking, nature won.  We were covered in mosquito bites and extremely hot from the muggy humidity.

Mosquito central.

Mosquito central.

Later that morning we flew back to Buenos Aires for another day.  We visited the world renowned Teatro Colón and went on a boat ride through the Tigre Delta.

Happy New Year!  Stay tuned for pictures from next year’s excursion: The Rain Forest & Galapagos Islands.

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