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Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. Even with so many new, exciting, magical, and addicting forms of entertainment available, I still enjoy reading with no frills. By “no frills” I mean reading a book or my ereader. My ereader is basic and monochrome. It doesn’t do anything fancy or have color. I can only read books on it.

In fact, I prefer reading without any distractions. Immersing myself in a story is relaxing. I love being transported to a new place, or envisioning another person’s life. Books open doorways. This seems especially important when so many of us remain isolated, or live with restrictions.

Books shine during a pandemic lockdown or quarantine. They’re the perfect form of entertainment. Plus, there’s a never ending supply of them. And they’re good for all ages. Even with restricted access to libraries and book stores, plenty of options exist to get books quickly and/or inexpensively.

My neighborhood has at least 4 community “libraries”. These are small boxes on the street where people leave or take books. I see people using them and titles change. They provide a free and relatively germ-free option for getting new titles during the pandemic. Plus they protect the books against the elements.

And finally, books are amazing for traveling to new places. All without the fear of inhaling re-circulated covid-infested air, like you might traveling by bus, train, or airplane. Additionally, books offer an infinite number of travel opportunities. With the right book, you can visit a different country, planet, or galaxy. Or be whisked away to a different time period. Or stay local and experience a different perspective.

Point being, the book can take you there.

Books vs. Ebooks – The Debate Continues

I can never seem to resolve my internal debate on books vs. ebooks, (read more about that here and here). Each format has its own benefits and downsides. During the pandemic, different aspects make each format attractive.

Books, paperback or hardcover, are perfect for unplugged, quiet time. Or reading aloud with others, making it a tactile and interactive experience. Ebooks can be browsed, borrowed, and read, all from the socially-distanced comfort and isolation of your home. No masks or sanitizing required.

Even so, I still miss being able to visit the library. The library is an important cultural hub. I hope they reopen soon.

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