Delight & Summer Toes

Summer toes are not like winter toes.  Summer toes are slightly browned from sun exposure.  Who ever remembers to put sunscreen on their toes every day?

Summer toes have weird tan lines from different sandals.  They are happy and relaxed, free from the constraints of a hard-worn shoe encasing them every day in sweaty, sock-filled dungeons.

Winter toes are pale and shriveled looking.  Etiolated stumps deprived of vitamin D, devoid of color.  They are hidden away, nestled in layers of thick socks and boxy shoes.  There they remain with uncut toenails and patches of dry, calloused skin.  Waiting, biding their time to emerge in the nice weather.

That’s why in the summer I love having my toenails painted.  It’s like walking around with tiny jewels on my feet.  Something colorful and sparkly to put a smile on my face.  A shiny row of glittering gems.  It makes my toes happy to feel pretty and pampered with their glistening row of freshly painted nails.  And the joy they feel to be in the sun, naked and free of shoes with a gentle breeze flowing on them.

It is truly one of life’s small delights.

Jewel-toned toes and weird suntan lines.  Summer delight!

Jewel-toned toes and weird tan lines. Summer delight!

*Originally written at a writing retreat on Bowen Island sponsored by Callanish on June 26, 2009.

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