Clearing Out Clutter

Clutter means a lot of different things to people.  However, when I see piles of clutter and build up, I always equate it to energy flow.  To me accumulated piles of stuff represent stagnant energy, or a blockage, in one form or another.  Sometimes the “fix” is as easy as rearranging furniture, getting rid of something, or committing to finish something that’s been lingering on the to-do list.  Other times the “fix” can be more complex. Either way, I use clutter as a diagnostic tool to figure out what’s really going on.

I became interested in feng shui some years ago.  Admittedly I don’t really know or understand that much about it, but what I remember is that certain areas of the home represent different areas of our life (e.g. finances, health, relationships, career, etc.).  Having and maintaining a good flow of energy in each area is integral for us to remain balanced and happy in our lives.  Armed with this minimal understanding of feng shui, I started applying it to my home and my professional career.

A few years ago I noticed that I wasn’t being creative (i.e. playing my instrument and writing).  I took a long hard look at my designated “creative area” and immediately saw the problem.  Somehow my creative space had turned into a dumping ground for my junk.  I couldn’t even see my desk anymore.  I sorted through the chaos and then relocated my “creative area” to a different spot in the apartment.  Not only did I start to feel creative again, but the desk never accumulated clutter the way it had in the previous area.

Even in my professional career I’ve observed correlations between the well-being of the employees and the amount of stuff lying around their work areas.  For example, one department I worked with had huge volumes of files, boxes, and binders piled up everywhere.  They also had a high turnover rate and employees were always trying to transfer out.


  1. Observe if you have any piles of clutter and build up stagnating in your home (or work place).
  2. Figure out what those areas represent to you in your life.
  3. Assess what’s causing the energy blockages.
  4. Change something, anything.
  5. Try out the new changes and keep adjusting until you feel satisfied.

Homes and work places are dynamic environments that may require changes over time to accommodate ever-changing needs.

2 comments for “Clearing Out Clutter

  1. Anonymous
    12 July 2016 at 18:09

    Wonderful, great blog. Thanks. Will try to declutter to get more energy.

  2. Katerina
    12 July 2016 at 21:02

    Good plans

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